Vol. 60, No. 1

pp1-68, 2006


  1. George Speaight (1914-2005)

  2. Were The Doors Open Or Closed? The Use Of Stage Doors In The Shakesrearean Theatre

    Mariko Ichikawa

  3. Ira Aldridge's London Debut

    Bernth Lindfors

  4. The Outsider: The Michel Saint-Denis Archive: A Theatre Archive Project of The Arts And Humanities Research Council, The University Of Sheffield, And The British Library

    Ewan Jeffrey

  5. A Brief Candle In Wartime: Antony Rawlins And The Lunts, 1943

    Pietre van der Merwe


Harlequin Britain: Pantomime and Entertainment, 1690-1760

John O'Brien

From Script to Stage in Early Modern England

Peter Holand and Stephen Orgel (eds)

Theatre in Europe: A Documentary History: Romantic and Revolutionary Theatre, 1789-1860

Donald Ray

Lewis Carroll and the Victorian Stage: theatricals in a quiet life

Richard Foulkes

Extraordinary Actors: Essays on Popular Performers (Studies in Honour of Peter Thomson)

Jane Milling and Martin Banham (eds)

George Speaight (1914-2005) –§– Were The Doors Open or Closed? The Use of Stage Doors in the Shakesrearean Theatre –§– Ira Aldridge’s London Debut –§– The Outsider: The Michel Saint-Denis Archive –§–A Brief Candle in Wartime: Antony Rawlins and The Lunts, 1943.


George Bastow (1868-1914)

Touring Companies Visiting Lerwick, Shetland Islands

Ann Bracegirdle – A Current Myth


Nigel Hawthorne on Stage by Kathleen Riley
Kay Macauliffe: Women Take the Stage by Hazel Bell

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