Vol. 52, No. 1

pp1-60, 1998


  1. Davies' Bear-Baiting Ring, 1663: The Hope Restored?

    Mark A. Howell-Meri

  2. The Macklin-Garrick Riots

    Richard L. Klepac

  3. New Light on Mother Goose

    George Speaight

  4. George Dibdin Pitt: Actor and Playwright

    Dwayne Brenna

  5. The Sub-Stage Equipment at Her Majesty's Theatre, London, and the "Phantom"

    David Wilmore


Shakespear's Globe Rebuilt

J. R. Mulryne and Margaret Shewring, eds.

English Drama of the Early Modern Period, 1980-1940

Jean Chothia

Records of Early English Drama

James Stokes (and Robert Alexander), eds.

A History of European Puppetry

Henryk Jurkowski

The Bernhardt Hamlet, Culture and Context

Gerda Taranow

Davies’ Bear-Baiting Ring, 1663: The Hope Restored? –§– The Macklin-Garrick Riots –§– New Light on Mother Goose –§– George Dibdin Pitt: Actor & Playwright –§– The Sub-Stage Equipment at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London, and the “Phantom”.


Donald King, Vocalist & Lecturer

Extras at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Additions to Archives
Sir Aston Cockayne, request for infomation by Rosemarie Cockayne

Additions to Archives
The Era on CD Rom

Additions to Archives
Medieval Puppet Shows

Additions to Archives
John Philip Kemble

Additions to Archives
Sean O’Casey

Additions to Archives
Sybil Rosenfeld



An Exchange of Gifts Between David Garrick and Richard Kaye
Dr Langdon-Down and the Normansfield Theatre


Mollie Sands, 1904-1998

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