Vol. 49, No. 2

pp61-120, 1995


  1. "Suit the Action to the Word": An Early Seventeenth-Century Allusion to Hamlet in Performance

    Margaret Jane Kidnie

  2. A 1663 Cast List for The Alchemist

    Kelli Wondra

  3. Receipts at Drury Lane: Richard Cross's Diary for 1746-47 Part II

    Judith Milhous and Robert Hume

  4. More Theatre Items from the Newdigate Letters

    Philip Hines Jr

  5. Cecily Hamilton on Theatre: A Preliminary Bibliography

    Sue Thomas


The Theatre Inductry in Nineteenth-Century France

F. W. J. Hemmings

Theatre and State in France

F. W. J. Hemmings

Robert Atkins: An Unfinished Autobiography

George Rowell, ed., with contributions from J. D. Trewin & A. C. Sprague

“Suit the Action to the Word”: An Early 17thC Allusion to Hamlet in Performance –§– A 1663 Cast List for The Alchemist –§– Receipts at Drury Lane: Richard Cross’s Diary for 1746-47 Part II –§– More Theatre Items from the Newdigate Letters –§– Cecily Hamilton on Theatre: A Preliminary Bibliography.


A London Circus by “W. R.”

Stage Staff in the 1940s and 1950s

Harry W. Pedicord

Harlequinade Turn-Ups

Recent Acquisitions in the Theatre Museum

Making Space for Theatre

The “Intermediate Stage” in the Elizabethan Theatre: A Response

Theatre Royal, Bath

Moving Performance: The British Experience of Early Cinema

Members’ Research Interests



Irvings Essays, (in Sir Henry Irving. Theatre Culture & Society)
Manchester Theatres, by Terry Wyke and Nigel Rudyard
“The Monument to the Memory of Shakespeare,” by Ingrid Roscoe

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