Vol. 47, No. 3

pp121-180, 1993


  1. The Witts Illustration 1662

    John H. Astington

  2. Computer Analysis of Restoration Staging, II: 1671-1682

    Dawn Lewcock

  3. New Light on Limelight

    M. Lindsay Lambert

  4. E. W. Goodwin's Articles on "The Architecture and Costume of Shakespeare's Plays"

    John Boyes-Watson

  5. Robert Eddison as a Collector

    William W. Appleton

  6. Casting and the Manager's Role in Sheridan's A Trip to Scarborough

    Amy Elizabeth Smith


Repertory at the Royal: Sixty-Five Years of Theatre in Northampton

Richard Foulkes

A Stage of Their Own. Feminist Playwrights of the Suffrage Era

Sheiila Stowell

The Witts Illustration 1662 –§– Computer Analysis of Restoration Staging, II: 1671-1682 –§– New Light on Limelight –§– E. W. Goodwin’s Articles on “The Architecture & Costume of Shakespeare’s Plays” –§– Robert Eddison as a Collector –§– Casting & the Manager’s Role in Sheridan’s A Trip to Scarborough.


Introduction of “Briefly Noted” items.



Ellen Terry

Andrew Ducrow’s Death

Andrew Ducrow’s Monument

“Part of the Pit Will be Railed into the Boxes”

The Bath Company of Comedians During the 18thC

The Britannia Diaries of Frederick Wilton, correction to price

A London Circus by “W. R.”, 10 August 1802: Astley’s or Dibdins?



Shakespeare’s Theatre, by Peter Thomson
Mary Edmund, author of an article on John Griggs
The Henslowe Papers Supplement: The Theatre Papers, by Masayuki Yamagishi
“The Perils of Evelyn,” by Arthur H. Scouten
Joseph Cowen, Newcastle manufacturer and radical
Deep are the Roots. Memoirs of a Black Expatriate, by Gordon Heath
The Dictionary of National Biography: Missing Persons, OUD, 1993
Decouvertes, Gallimard, 1990 & 1992
The New Grove Dictionaary of Opera, Stanley Sadie, ed., Macmillan, 1992

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