Vol. 45, No. 2

pp53-112, 1991


  1. "The Subject of Almost All Companies": A New Look at The Necromancer

    John McVeagh

  2. Harlequinade Turn-Ups

    George Speaight

  3. Churches and Stages in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Bristol

    Kathleen Barker


Shakespeare in Performance: Cymbeline

Roger Warren

Shakespeare in Performance: Titus Andronicus

Alan C. Dessen

Shakespeare in Performance: King Richard III

Hugh M. Richmond

Hideous Progenies. Dramatisations of Frankenstein from Mary Shelley to the Present

Steven Earl Forry

James Edward Neild, Victorian Vortuoso

Harold Love

Oscar Wilde and the Theatre of the 1890s

Kerry Powell

Peter Hall Directs "Anthony and Cleopatra"

Tirzah Lowen

The History of the English Puppet Theatre (2nd ed.)

George Speaight

“The Subject of Almost All Companies”: A New Look at The Necromancer –§– Harlequinade Turn-Ups –§–Churches and Stages in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Bristol.


Tom Taylor’s The Overland Route

Theatre Lighting Project

Earliest Depiction of Punch


Theatres in Totnes

Ormskirk Theatre and The Bannister Family in Russia

Microfilm Materials at the Folger

Edward Theatre Conference, 1992

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