Vol. 45, No. 1

pp1-52, 1991


  1. Acting Style in the Ancient World

    Alan Hughes

  2. Memos to the Treasurer at Drury Lane, 1715-1730

    Judith Milhous and Robert D. Hume

  3. Sir Donald Wolfit's A New Way to Pay Old Debts

    Laurence Raw


When They Weren't Doing Shakespeare. Essays on Nineteenth-Century British and American Theatre

Judith L. Fisher and Stephen Watt, eds

Players and Performances in the Victorian Theatre

George Taylor

Skelt's Juvenile Drama: The Floating Beacon (Reprint of a 19thC Toy Theatre Play)

Text and Performance: "Waiting for Godot" and "Happy Days"

Katherine Worth

The Yorkshire Stage, 1766-1803

Linda Fitzsimmons and Arthur W.MacDonald

A Catalogue of Strolling Companies: the ongoing theatre in Newbury, Berkshire

Paul Ranger

International Bibliography of the Theatre: 1985

Benito Ortolani, ed.

Acting Style in the Ancient World –§– Memos to the Treasurer at Drury Lane, 1715-1730 –§– Sir Donald Wolfit’s A New Way to Pay Old Debts.


Theatre Museum

Bust of Sir Henry Irving in George Speaight’s
Collecting Theatre Memorabilia

Savoy Chorus

Trelawny and Prince Cammyralzyman

“The Staffing and Finance of a Minor Theatre”

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