Vol. 44, No. 3

pp97-144, 1990


  1. Mrs Ebbsmith's Bible Burning: Page Versus Stage

    Joel H. Kaplan

  2. Restoring Shakespeare's Coriolanus: Kean Versus Macready

    David George

  3. Christian IV and The Dutch Courtesan

    J. W. Binns and H. Neville Davies


Collecting Theatre Memorabilia

George Speaight

The Black Figures of Edward Gordon Craig

L. M. Newman, ed.

The Robbers

Frederick Schiller, trans. Alexander Tytler, ed. Jonathan Wordsworth

The Iron Chest; by George Coleman the Younger

Jonathan Wordsworth, ed.

The Drama: Addresses

Henry Irving

The Best of Plays and Players: 1953-1968

Peter Roberts, ed.

Domes of Delight: the History of the Bradford Alhambra

Peter Holdsworth

Records of Early English Drama: Cambridge (2 vols)

Alan H. Nelson, ed.

Tiller's Girls

Doremy Vernon

Anthony Denning Award –§– Mrs Ebbsmith’s Bible Burning: Page Versus Stage –§– Restoring Shakespeare’s Coriolanus: Kean Versus Macready –§– Christian IV and The Dutch Courtesan.


Anthony Denning Award



Research Awards, 1990

The Death of Henry Irving’s Mother, Mary Behenna (or Bohanna)

“The Staffing and Finance of a Minor Theatre” – Which One?
(Surrey Theatre / Rotunda – New Globe)

Indexes: The Public Life of W. F. Wallett, the Queen’s Jester; an Autobiography (1870)
and Fifty Years of a Showman’s Life, or the Life and Travels of Van Hare, by Himself
Compiled by Dr John M. Turner

Research in Puppet Theatre

Information on Stage Performers

The Savoy Chorus

Erratum: Alan J. Fletcher’s article ‘Jugglers Celtic and Anglo-Saxon

Charles A. Buchel, 1872-1950

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