Vol. 44, No. 2

pp49-96, 1990


  1. The Builder of the Rose Theatre

    Mary Edmond

  2. Theatres in Totnes

    David Anderson

  3. Prince Hoare's Artist and Anti-Theatrical Polemics in the Early 1800s: Mrs Inchbald's Contribution

    Patricia Sigl

  4. William Poel's Staging of The Alchemist

    Laurence J. A. Raw


Theatre Theatre Career of Charles Dibdin the Elder (1745-1814)

Robert Fahrner

The Theory and Analysis of Drama

Manfred Pfister

Theory of Modern Drama

Peter Szondi

Performance Theory

Richard Schechner

The Well-Known Trouble Maker. A Life of Charlotte Clarke

Fidelis Morgan, with Charlotte Clarke

Text and Performance: 'Tamburlaine' and 'Edward II'

George L. Geckle

Text and Performance: 'Murder at the Catherdral' and ''The Cocktail Party'

William Tydeman

Text and Performance: 'The Birthday Party' and 'The Caretaker'

Ronald Knowles

Text and Performance: 'Death of a Salesman' and 'The Crucible'

Bernard F. Dukore

Patterns of Devine Comedy. A Study of Medieval English Drama

R. D. S. Jack

The Aunchant and Famous Cittie." David Rogers and the Chester Mystery Plays

Steven E. Hart and Margaret M. Knapp

Plays Without Theatres. Recollections of the Compass Players Travelling Theatre, 1944-1952

Compiled and edited by Pamela Dellar

London Theatre Record Index, 1988

Compiled by Ian Herbert

The Builder of the Rose Theatre –§– Theatres in Totnes –§– Prince Hoare’s Artist and Anti-Theatrical Polemics in the Early 1800s: –§– Mrs Inchbald’s Contribution –§– William Poel’s Staging of The Alchemist.


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Plans of Theatre Royal, Bristol and Theatre at Richmond, Yorkshire

(correction to Mark Howell’s “Planning Provincial Theatres under the 1737 Stage Licensing Act” (43/3)

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