Vol. 41, No. 3

pp97-148, 1987


  1. The New Swan's First Season

    Laurie E. Maguire

  2. Some Notes on Nell Gwyn's Stage Career 1663-1668

    David Bond

  3. Victorian Charity and Self-Help for Women Performers

    Tracy C. Davis

  4. Art and Eighteenth-Century Acting Style. Part III: Passions

    Alan Hughes


Paul Shelving (1888-1968) Stage Designs

catalogued and edited by Tessa Sidey

English Theatre in Transition 1881-1914

James Woodfield

The Standard Theatre of Victorian England

Allan Stuart Jackson

Theatre as a Weapon: Workers' Theatre in the Soviet Union, Germany and Britain 1917-1934

Richard Stourac and Mathleen McCreery

The New Swan’s First Season –§– Some Notes on Nell Gwyn’s Stage Career 1663-1668 –§– Victorian Charity and Self-Help for Women Performers –§– Art and Eighteenth-Century Acting Style. Part III: Passions.


Appointment of Prof. Katherine Worth, editor
Death of Prof. Norman Philbrick (c.1914-1987)
The Theatre Museum, Katherine Worth



Tom Taylor and John Lang

Juvenile Drama

The Merry Wives of Windsor (note about music in Victorian productions)

The Pinter Review

William Cartwright

Gilbert and Sullivan

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