Vol. 4, No. 3

pp49-72, Spring 1950


  1. Note: this issue is bound together with the rest of Volume 3 and Volume 4

    STR Publications

  2. Cornish Plays and Playing Places

    Treve Holman

  3. The Theatre in Yarmouth

    A. Stuart Brown

  4. Adelphi Advertising in 1862

    St. Vincent Troubridge

  5. The Problem of A.B.'s Theatre Drawings

    Richard Southern

  6. The Irving Collection

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  7. Four Dancers Named Angiolini

    I. Kyrle Fletcher

  8. The Scene Plot of The Change of Crownes

    Richard Southern

  9. Early XIXth Century Plays - 7

    Allan Wade and St. Vincent Troubridge


The Theatre Annual 1948-49 (vol. VII)

W. Van Lennep, ed.

Cornish Plays and Playing Places –§– The Theatre in Yarmouth –§– Adelphi Advertising in 1862 –§– The Problem of A.B.’s Theatre Drawings –§– The Irving Collection –§– Four Dancers Named Angiolini –§– The Scene Plot of The Change of Crownes –§– Early XIXth Century Plays – 7.


Appointment of Professor Edward J. Dent to panel of advisors
The discovery of a The Four Cardinall Vertues fragment
National Book League exhibition
History of the British Playhouse Exhibition
V&A Exhibition of the modern scene-designer’s work



Topsham, 1721: Compan that played MacbethLove Makes a Man, and The Fop’s Fortune at Exeter

The Sans Souci Theatre: epigram mentioning Dibdin

Pandora Theatre: Nicoll says this theatre was in use 1882-3

18th Century Actors: Michael Arne, 1733-4, Dr. T. A. Arne, Mrs Cibber

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