Vol. 4, No. 2

pp25-48, Winter 1949/50


  1. Note: this issue is bound together with the rest of Volume 3 and Volume 4

    STR Publications

  2. Genest's Additions and Corrections to The English Stage

    John Harrington Smith and William G. B. Carson

  3. Two Provincial Theatre Manuscripts

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  4. An Early West Sheet?

    H. D. Spencer

  5. The Sans Souci Theatre

    Gerald Forsyth

  6. A West Artist

    H. D. Spencer

  7. The Origin of The Theatric Tourist

    J. E. Cunningham

  8. Early XIXth Century Plays - 6

    Allan Wade and St Vincent Troubridge

  9. The Case of Mr Lee Moreton

    Alan S. Downer


Civic Theatre Design

Richard Leacroft

Genest’s Additions and Corrections to The English Stage –§– Two Provincial Theatre Manuscripts –§– An Early West Sheet? –§– The Sans Souci Theatre –§– A West Artist –§– The Origin of The Theatric Tourist –§– Early XIXth Century Plays – 6 –§– The Case of Mr Lee Moreton.


Editorial: Additions to the Register of Work in Progress
Addition to the Mander & Mitchenson collection, from Randal H. New’s collection
Death of Dr Alfred Lowenberg
STR Bulletin, no.6



Fanny Cerrito, married to Charles Victor Arthur Michael (aka Arthut Saint-Léon): information wanted

Panoramas, Hamilton family: information wanted

Irving Picture, oil painting of Much Ado About Nothing: information wanted

Model of Theatre, Prince of Wales: information wanted

18th-Century actors: information wanted (long list of actors)

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