Vol. 39, No. 2

pp47-96, 1985


  1. The Staging of The Castle of Perseverance: A Re-analysis

    Steven I. Pederson

  2. The Drudy Lane Actors' Petition of 1705

    Judith Milhous and Robert D. Hume

  3. Thirty Years of Struggle: Entertainment in Provincial Towns Between 1840 and 1870. II

    Kathleen Barker

  4. Theatre Items from the Newdigate Newsletters

    Philip Hines, Jr


Elizabethan Stage Conventions and Modern Interpreters

Alan C. Dessen

Edward Gordon Craig

Christopher Innes

The Professional Theatre in Wales

Cecil Price

Mrs Pat: The Life of Mrs Patrick Campbell

Margot Peters

An Introduction to the Jesuit Theatre

William H. McCabe

The Georgian Theatre of Richmond and its circuits: Beverley, Harrogate, Kendal, Northallerton, Ulverston and Whitby

Sybil Rosenfeld

The Royal Shakespeare Company: A History of Ten Decades

Sally Beauman

The Staging of The Castle of Perseverance: A Re-analysis –§– The Drudy Lane Actors’ Petition of 1705 –§–Thirty Years of Struggle: Entertainment in Provincial Theatres Between 1840 and 1870. II –§– Theatre Items from the Newdigate Newsletters.


Modern-day Elizabethan theatres



[George] Coleman as Theatre Manager

The Lupino Family

Janius Brutius Booth (1796-1852)

English Theatrical Literature 1559-1900

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