Vol. 38, No. 3

pp97-160, 1984


  1. Killigrew's Cap and Bells

    Martin W. Walsh

  2. Richard Norton and the Theatre at Southwick

    R. Jordan

  3. "Refined Vivacity": The Acting of Leigh Murray

    Daniel Barrett

  4. A La Langtry

    S. Wallace Roche

  5. A London Theatre Club in the 1950s: The Hovenden Theatre Club

    Anthony Croghan

  6. Records of Drama at Winchester and Eton, 1397-1576 Part II

    David W. Blewitt


The Chester Mystery Cycle: Essays and Documents

R. M. Lumiansky

The Flash of Lightning: A Portrait of Edmund Kean

Giles Playfair

The Children of Paul's: The Story of a Theatre Company 1553-1608

Reavley Gair

Popular Leisure and the Music Hall in 19th-Century Bolton

R. Poole

Shakespeare's Theatre

Peter Thomson

The Ondon Stage 1920-1919: A Calendar of Plays and Players

J. P. Wearing

Elizabethan Popular Theatre

Michael Hattaway

Dance Research The Journal of the Society for Dance Research

Costume on Stage, 1600-1940

Diana de Marly

The Garrick Collection of Old English Plays, a Catalogue

George M Kahrl, in collaboration with Dorothy Anderson

Killigrew’s Cap & Bells –§– Richard Norton & the Theatre at Southwick –§– “Refined Vivacity”: The Acting of Leigh Murray –§– A La Langtry –§– A London Theatre Club in the 1950s: The Hovenden Theatre Club –§–Records of Drama at Winchester and Eton, 1397-1576, Part II.


Increase in size of Theatre Notebook
Reallocation of Arts Council funding
Death of Josoph Macleod [sic], and early supporter of Theatre Notebook and the STR



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Gustavus Vaughan Brooke’s performances in Australia (1855-1861) (information request)

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