Vol. 37, No. 1

pp1-48, 1983


  1. Gallows Scenes on the Elizabethan Stage

    John H. Astington

  2. Where Was Garrick's Prompter?

    Bruce A. Koenig

  3. The Playhouse in Wine Street, Bristol

    Mark C. Pilkington

  4. Arthur Savill, Stage Player

    William Ingram

  5. Robert Southey's Wat Tyler

    Ralph Anthony Manogue

  6. Surviving Theatre Grooves

    Ted Bottle

  7. A Bibliography of Laurence Oliver's Life and Stage Career

    Frank E. Mello

  8. Horrible Flesh and Blood - A Rejoinder

    Russell Jackson


Shakespeare's First Playhouse

Irwin Smith

Shakespeare in Production, 1935-1978, A Selective Catalogue

William Babula

The World of Charles Ricketts

Joseph Darracott

Changing Styles in Shakespeare

Ralph Berry

"Variety" International Showbusiness Reference

Mike Caplan, ed.

International Directory of Theatre, Dance and Folklore Festivals

Jennifer Merin, with Elizabeth B. Burdick

Georgian Scene Painters and Scene Painting

Sybil Rosenfeld

Restoration Promptbooks

Edward A. Langhans

Innocent Flowers: Women in the Edwardian Theatre

Julie Holledge

Victorian Theatrical Trades/Articles from "The Stage", 1883-1884

Michael R. Booth, ed.

Gallows Scenes on the Elizabethan Stage –§– Where Was Garrick’s Prompter? –§– The Playhouse in Wine Street, Bristol –§– Arthur Savill, Stage Player –§– Robert Southey’s Wat Tyler –§– Surviving Theatre Grooves –§– A Bibliography of Laurence Oliver’s Life & Stage Career (I)–§– Horrible Flesh & Blood – A Rejoinder.


The Spoken Word
James Fullerton Arnott (1914-1982)


Offenbach in English

R. N. O’Connor and Meiningen Co. (request for information)

The Forgotten Theatres of Furness

Martin Harvey’s Petruchio

Alfred Thompson

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