Vol. 35, No. 3

pp96-144, 1981


  1. An Elegy on the Death of Mr Joseph Haines, 1701

    J. W. Robinson

  2. Additional Entries to Arnold Hare, The Georgian Theatre in Wessex (1958)

    M. E. Knapp

  3. Thomas Holden in Athens

    Theodore Hadjipantazis


Theatrical Costume: a guide to information sources

Jackson Kesler

Le Forme del Teatro

Giorgio Melchiori

Arlecchino a Londra, La Pantomima Inglese, 1700-1728

Viola Papetti

American and English Popular Entertainment: A Guide to Information Sources

Don B. Wilmeth

Henry Irving and "The Bells"

David Mayer, ed.

Shakespeare Survey 32

Kenneth Muir, ed.

David Garrick: A Reference Guide

Gerald M. Barkowitz

"Julius Caesar" on Stage in England and America

John Ripley

An Elegy on the Death of Mr Joseph Haines, 1701 –§– Additional Entries to Arnold Hare, The Georgian Theatre in Wessex (1958) –§– Thomas Holden in Athens.


T. P. Cooke

Garrick’s Drury Lane

A Stage Panorama by Birket Foster

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