Vol. 34, No. 3

pp97-132, 1980


  1. The Medieval English Stage: A Graffito of a Hell-Mouth Scaffold

    John Marshall

  2. Garrick's Palace of Armida: A Neglected Document

    Colin Visser

  3. Two Gas Plates

    Terence Rees

  4. J. B. Fagan: Shakespearean Producer

    Richard Foulkes


The Spectacular Career of Clarkson Stanfield, 1793-1867

(Tyne & Wear County Museums)

Index to The London Stage 1660-1800

Ben Ross Schneider Jr, ed.

All for Art. The Ricketts and Shannon Collection (exhibition catalogue)

Joseph Darracott, ed.

The Medieval English Stage: A Graffito of a Hell-Mouth Scaffold –§– Garrick’s Palace of Armida: A Neglected Document –§– Two Gas Plates –§– J. B. Fagan: Shakespearean Producer.


A Look Back at Theatre Notebook, 1975-1979 inclusive



Stage Sailors: Theatrical Material in the National Maritime Museum

Delay in opening the Theatre Museum

Orientation of the Elizabethan Stage

Tate Wilkinson’s Costume Notebook

The Vampire Trap

Adelaide Neilson

James Winston, formerly Brown
(Index to Changes of Name, W. P. W Phillimore & E.A.Fry)

Lancaster Grand Theatre (request for information)

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