Vol. 34, No. 1

pp1-48, 1980


  1. Filippo Corsini and the Restoration Theatre

    John Orrell

  2. Offenbach in English: A Checklist

    George Hauger

  3. "If These be Truths - Farewell to Falsehoods": James Winston's Pedigree

    Alfred L. Nelson and Gilbert B. Cross

  4. Edward Saker's Revivals and Charles Kean: An Addendum

    M. Glen Wilson

  5. The Introduction of Perspective Scenery and its Effect on Theatre Forms, I

    Richard Leacroft

  6. Production of Chekhov's Plays in Britain Before 1914

    Jan McDonald


Children of the Revels, the Boy Companies of Shakespeare's Time and their Plays

Michael Schapiro

English Drama and Theatre, 1800-1900. A guide to information sources

L. W. Connolly and J. P. Wearing

La Marveilleuse Histoire de Cirque

Henry Thétard, revised by L.-R. Dauven Julliard

Joe Grimaldi, His Life and Theatre (2nd ed.)

Richard Findlater

Theatre and Cinema Architecture. A Guide to Information Sources

Richard Stoddard

David Garrick Homme de Théâtre (2 vols)

Michael Perrin

Filippo Corsini & the Restoration Theatre –§– Offenbach in English: A Checklist –§– “If These be Truths – Farewell to Falsehoods”: James Winston’s Pedigree –§– Edward Saker’s Revivals & Charles Kean: An Addendum –§– The Introduction of Perspective Scenery & its Effect on Theatre Forms, I –§– Production of Chekhov’s Plays in Britain Before 1914.


Theatre Museum



Children in Arms, A Theatrical Hazard

Mr Mathews at Home

Auditorium Darkening

Vice-Chamberlain Coke’s Theatrical Papers 1705-15

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