Vol. 32, No. 3

pp97-144, 1978


  1. Shakespeare in Liverpool: Edward Saker's Revivals, 1876-81

    Russell Jackson

  2. Canadian Evaluation of Edmund Kean

    Yashdip Singh Bains and Norma Jenckes

  3. Sunlight and Sleight-of-Hand in Medieval Drama

    Mary Loubris Jones

  4. More Restoration Manuscript Casts and Dates and a New Restoration Promptbook

    Edward A. Langhans

  5. The Thornton Circuit, 1784-1817

    Paul Ranger


The Shakespeare Revolution: Criticism and Performance in the Twentieth Century

J. L. Styan

Stage Scenery, Machinery, and Lighting. A Guide to Information Sources

Richard Stoddard

The Medieval Religious Stage: Shapes and Phantoms

A. M. Nagler

Next Week - "East Lynne": Domestic Drama in Performance, 1820-1874

Gilbert B. Cross

The Mackenzies Called Compton

Lou Warwick

Shakespeare in Liverpool: Edward Saker’s Revivals, 1876-81 –§– Canadian Evaluation of Edmund Kean –§–Sunlight & Sleight-of-Hand in Medieval Drama –§– More Restoration Manuscript Casts & Dates & New Restoration Promptbook –§– Thornton Circuit 1784-1817.


Changes in theatre development



Fanny Kelly (request for information)

Clarkson Stanfield Exhibition, 1979

Corvo and the Queen’s Theatre

Dorothy Dene (request for information)

William Kent’s Scenery

James Curson and Othello

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