Vol. 32, No. 1

pp1-48, 1978


  1. Players and Playing at Thetford and Nearby 1498-1540

    Richard Beadle

  2. Tate Wilkinson's Costume Notebook

    Julia Curtis

  3. Some Comic Circus Entrées

    George Speaight

  4. Dion Boucicault and Benjamin Webster

    Christopher Calthrop

  5. Irving and Chaliapin

    James Leggio


Theatre Research International

(OUP in assn with the IFTR)

French Theatrical Production in the Nineteenth Century

M. J. Moynet, 1873 (trans. Allan S. Jackson with M. Glen Wilson

The Living Monument: Shakespeare and the Theatre of his Time

M. C. Bradbrook

"Macbeth" Onstage: an annotated Dacsimiile of Glen Byam Shaw's 1955 Promptbook

Michael Mullin, ed.

English Plays of the Nineteenth Century. V. Pantomimes, Extravaganzas and Burlesques

Michael R. Booth, ed.

Players and Playing at Thetford and Nearby 1498-1540 –§– Tate Wilkinson’s Costume Notebook –§– Some Comic Circus Entrées –§– Dion Boucicault and Benjamin Webster –§– Irving and Chaliapin.


Canadian initiative to chart dramatic entertainment in British provincial towns.



The Mrs Siddons of Sydney

Messrs Marshall and J. B. Laidlaw

Agit-Prop Scripts

Phelps and Madame Vestris

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