Vol. 31, No. 2

pp1-48, 1977


  1. The King's Players at Stratford-upon-Avon, 1622

    T. J. King

  2. The "Game Place" and "House" at Great Yarmouth, 1493-1595

    David Galloway

  3. The "First" Playhouse Bill: A Stage Ghost

    Vincent Liesenfeld

  4. The Ingenious Squire: New Aspects of Isaac Pocock (1782-1835)

    Pieter ven der Merwe

  5. "Disillusioned Bards and Despised Bohemians": Michael Field's A Question of Memory at the Independent Theatre Society

    Jan McDonald

  6. E. W. Godwin and the Theatre

    Edward Craig

  7. A Juvenile Drama Collection

    Peter Winn

  8. The National Museum of Music Hall

    Joe Ging


The Pre-Romantic Ballet

Marian Hannah Winter

Diaghilev Observed

Nesta Macdonald

Shakespeare's Playhouse Practice

Warren D. Smith

Stage Design

Howard Bay

Drama that Smelled

Lou Warwick

Victorian Magic

Geoffrey Lamb

Wilton's Music Hall

J. S. Bratton

The King’s Players at Stratford-upon-Avon, 1622 –§– The “Game Place” and “House” at Great Yarmouth, 1493-1595 –§– The “First” Playhouse Bill: A Stage Ghost –§– The Ingenious Squire: New Aspects of Isaac Pocock (1782-1835) –§– “Disillusioned Bards and Despised Bohemians”: Michael Field’s A Question of Memory at the Independent Theatre Society –§– E. W. Godwin and the Theatre –§– A Juvenile Drama Collection –§– The National Museum of Music Hall.

NB: Uniquely, all three issues in this volume have the page range 1-48


London as a centre for drama studies



John Crowne’s City Politiques

Robert Browne (request for information)

Daniel Terry (request for information)

Kemble Family Correction

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