Vol. 30, No. 1

pp1-48, 1976


  1. Enter a Phonograph

    Jane Stedman

  2. The Middle of the Yard: A Second Inner Stage?

    L. R. Star

  3. The Standfield Brothers

    Pieter van der Merwe

  4. The Elizabethan Soliloquy - Direct Address or Monologue

    Neil Carson

  5. A Theatrical Contract of 1773-1774

    Julia Curtis

  6. Nineteenth-Century Theatrical Machinery in the Theatre Royal, Bath

    Richard Leacroft

    (Note: some pages of this article were omitted from the original binding, and were supplimented as separate sheets)

  7. Nineteenth-Century English Dramatists in Australia

    Eric Irvin


Un Cycle du Théâtre Religieux Anglais de Moyen Age

Claude Gauvin

Madame Vestris and the London Stage

William W. Appleton

O hAodha Micheál: Theatre in Ireland

(Drama and Theatre Studies)

Theatre through the Ages

Cesare Molinari

A Guide to Theatre Study

Kenneth M. Cameron

Drama Review, Popular Entertainments (vol. 18, no. 1)

(New York University)

The Georgian Playhouse 1730-1830 (exhibition catalogue)

Geoffrey Ashton and Iain Mackintosh

The Set Up, an Anatomy of The English Theatre Today

Ronald Hayman

A Classification for the Performing Arts

Simon Trussler

The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature (vol. 4, 1900-1950)

R. L. Wilson, ed.

Drama, Stage and Audience

J. L. Styan

Enter a Phonograph –§– The Middle of the Yard, I: A Second Inner Stage? –§– The Standfield Brothers –§– The Elizabethan Soliloquy – Direct Address or Monologue –§– A Theatrical Contract of 1773-1774 –§– Nineteenth-Century Theatrical Machinery in the Theatre Royal, Bath –§– Nineteenth-Century English Dramatists in Australia.


The Theatre Museum



Charles Kean’s Tomb

Plays by Maud Williamson

Corrigenda: transposed illustrations (figs 5 & 6, TN29/3/137)

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