Vol. 3, No. 2

pp21-40, Winter 1948/49


  1. Note: this issue is bound together with the rest of Volume 3 and Volume 4

    STR Publications

  2. Notes on St George's Hall, King's Lynn

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  3. John Speed's Theatre

    C. Walter Hodges

  4. Early 19th Century Plays

    Allan Wade and St. Vincent Troubridge

  5. Montague Summers

    Allan Wade


The American Theatre Annual

(Theatre Library Association)

Notes on St George’s Hall, King’s Lynn –§– John Speed’s Theatre –§– Early 19th Century Plays – 2–§– Montague Summers.


The Georgian Theatre at Richmond
On stage at “The Theatre Royal” from John Eccles’ Theatre Musick
Shakespeare and the Players, Walter Hodges
Robert Louis Stevenson’s “A Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured.”
STR Bulletin, no.2



A correction (ref. TN, vol.3, no.1): The Whip (1909), Marriages in Mayfair (1908), & Sleeping Beauty (1902) are by Arthur Collins, not Augustus Harris (d.1896)

The Substantive Rant – A New Sense: definitions

John Ward (1704-1773) and Ned Shuter (1728-1776): information wanted

Caroline Letessier (Turin, 1855-8; Russia, 1859-67; England, 1870; died. 1903): information wanted

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