Vol. 29, No. 1

pp1-48, 1975


  1. The Circus at Vauxhall Gardens

    George Speaight

  2. Thomas Shaftoe Robertson and The Theatric Tourist

    John Richards

  3. Spouting, Spouting Clubs and Spouting Companions

    John A. Thieme

  4. Derby Figures of Richard III

    Babette Craven

  5. An Early Eighteenth-Century Cast List for Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    John W. Velz

  6. Hannibal and Scipio (1637): How "The Places Sometimes Changed"

    T. J. King

  7. John Philip Kemble as King John: Two Scenes

    Maarten Van Dijk

  8. An Annotated Census of Thomas Betterton's Roles, 1659-1710, I

    Judith Milhous


Theatre in the Age of Garrick

Cecil Price

The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature (vol. 4, 1990-1950)

R. L. Willison, ed.

The Magistrate and other Nineteenth-Century Plays

Michael R. Booth, ed.

The Circus at Vauxhall Gardens –§– Thomas Shaftoe Robertson & The Theatric Tourist –§– Spouting, Spouting Clubs & Spouting Companions –§– Derby Figures of Richard III –§– An Early 18thC Cast List for Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar –§– Hannibal & Scipio (1637): How “The Places Sometimes Changed” –§– John Philip Kemble as King John: Two Scenes –§– An Annotated Census of Thomas Betterton’s Roles, 1659-1710, I.


Thanks to Mr Bamber Gasgoigne, retiring editor Bulletin of the Society for Theatre Research now to be published as an additional enclosure to Theatre Notebook




Lewis Waller (small silver medallion)

Susannah Arne Cibber

George Hanlon-Lees

Howard Staunton (1810-1874) (request for information)

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