Vol. 28, No. 2

pp49-96, 1974


  1. E. J. Longley and the Editorship of The Theatric Tourist

    Elfred L. Nelson and B. Gilbert Cross

  2. On Editing Synge's Letters

    Anne Saddlemeyer

  3. The First Sans Souci Theatre (1791-1796)

    Robert Fahrner

  4. The Staging of the Medieval Plays of Chester: A Response

    Lawrence M. Clopper

  5. The Beaux Stratagem on the Nineteenth-Century London Stage

    Barry N. Olshen

  6. Jonson's Borrowing

    Peter Walls


Madame Vestris: a Theatrical Biography

Clifford John Williams

The Theatre in Ulster

Sam Hanna Bell

English Drama 1900-1930

Allardyce Nicoll

The Staging of Plays Before Shakespeare

Richard Southern

The Eighteenth-Century English Stage

Kenneth Richards and Peter Thomson, eds

The London Stage, 1660-1800... Part 5: 1776-1800

Charles Beecher Hogan, ed.

The Development of the English Playhouse

Richard Leacroft

A Short History of Scene Design in Great Britain

Sybil Rosenfeld

Drury Lane, Three Centuries of the Theatre Royal, 1663-1971

Brian Dobbs

E. J. Longley and the Editorship of The Theatric Tourist –§– On Editing Synge’s Letters –§– The First Sans Souci Theatre (1791-1796) –§– The Staging of the Medieval Plays of Chester: A Response –§– The Beaux Stratagem on the 19thC London Stage –§– Jonson’s Borrowing.


Theatre Survey, the American Journal of Theatre History
The STR Bulletin, no. 102



George Hanlon-Lees (request for information)

Mrs Alfred Mellon (request for information)

The Biter Part

Loie Fuller, 1870-1928 (request for information)

Fortuna (re. Noble Mirror of Art)

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