Vol. 27, No. 4

pp125-163, Summer 1973


  1. Theatrical Warfare, 1695-1710

    Shirley Strum Kennt

  2. Production and Adaptation of William Sampson's The Vow Breaker (1636) in the Restoration

    Philip J. Ayres

  3. New Restoration Manuscript Casts

    Edward A. Langhans

  4. James Shirley and the Caroline Masques of Ben Jonson

    Albert Wertheim


A Concise History of Opera

Leslie Orrey

Shakespeare and His Players

Martin Holmes

Theatrical Warfare, 1695-1710 –§– Production and Adaptation of William Sampson’s The Vow Breaker (1636) in the Restoration –§– New Restoration Manuscript Casts –§– James Shirley and the Caroline Masques of Ben Jonson.


The wish for a “people’s theatre”
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The STR Bulletin, no. 100



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