Vol. 26, No. 3

pp85-128, Spring 1972


  1. A Note on the Use of Scenery at the Cockpit-in-Court

    L. R. Star

  2. Lamps for Garrick's Footlights

    Donald C. Mullin

  3. Vanbrugh and Opera at the Queen's Theatre, Haymarket

    Philip Olleson

  4. The Tiring-House Wall and the Galleries in the Second Blackfriars: Two Points in Dispute

    D. F. Rowan

  5. New Exhibits at the Victoria and Albert Museum

    Bamber Gascoigne

  6. Originality in Shakespeare Production

    John Russell Brown

  7. New Light on the Juvenile Drama

    Gerald Morice and George Speaight


The Royal Aquarium: Failure of a Victorian Compromise

John M. Munro

Shakespeare Staging, 1599-1642

T. J. King

Ballet for All

Peter Brinson and Clement Crisp

Theatre Comes to Australia

Eric Irvin

The Reader's Encyclopedia of World Drama

John Gassner and Edward Quinn, eds


The Sheridan Papers, and the need for a British Theatre Museum
The STR Bulletin, no. 95



Mossop as Wolsey

A Note on the Grieve Models at the V&A

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