Vol. 24, No. 1

pp1-48, Autumn 1969


  1. The Shakespeare Promptbooks: First Supplement

    Charles H. Shattuck

  2. Was There a Medieval Theatre in the Round, part II

    Natalie Crohn Schmitt

  3. The Half-Price Riots of 1763

    John C. Whitty

  4. Managers of the Old Prince of Wales's Theatre

    Richard L. Lorenzen

  5. "Wrapt in a Canapie"

    Evert Sprinchorn


A Book of Masques, in honour of Allardyce Nicoll

Cambridge University Press

Renaissance Drama, New Series I

S. Schoenbaum, ed.

Enter Foot and Horse

A. H. Saxon

Boz (Charles Dickens) The Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi

Richard Findlater, ed.

Stage Costume and Accessories in the London Museum

M. R. Holmes

A Concise History of the Theatre

Phyllis Hartnoll

The Art and Techniques of Shadow Theater

Herta Schönewolf

The Shakespeare Promptbooks: First Supplement –§– Was There a Medieval Theatre in the Round, part II –§–The Half-Price Riots of 1763 –§– Managers of the Old Prince of Wales’s Theatre –§– “Wrapt in a Canapie”.


Theatre Programmes
The STR Bulletin, no. 85

 (found after Book Reviews in this issue)

Samuel Phelps’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, re. TN23/2

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