Vol. 2, No. 2

pp21-40, Winter 1947/48


  1. Notes on Pantomime (with a list of Drury lane Pantomimes 1879-1914)

    Gerald Forsyth

  2. A Query on Three Costume Figures (short piece)

    Richard Southern

  3. An Eighteenth Century Theatrical Agreement

    Cecil Price

  4. Photographs of Theatrical Productions. 2 - Value and Accessibility

    M. St. Clare Byrne

  5. Early Dutch Librettos and Plays with Music in the British Museum

    Alfred Loewenberg

  6. "Maria Marten" - an Early Version

    Raymond Mander and Joe Mitchenson


There were no book reviews in this issue

Notes on Pantomime –§– A Query on Three Costume Figures –§– An Eighteenth Century Theatrical Agreement –§– Photographs of Theatrical Productions, 2 –§– Early Dutch Librettos & Plays with Music in the British Museum –§– “Maria Marten” – an Early Version.


Editorial: the relation which theatrical research might bear on the practice of modern theatre


ANSWERS to QUERIES (see previous issues for details)

Twentieth Century Theatres

Drury Lane Pictures: Exterior, A. E. Wilson, pageant pantomime; interior, 1847

in Drama, Autumn 1946

Identification of playbill: Liverpool

Dates Supplied: Nicolo Sabbattini

Programmes: reply forwarded to enquirer

Note on “Puppet Theatre” Map on p.3: clarification of George Speaight’s map

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