Vol. 17, No. 3

pp69-104, Spring 1963


  1. Sheridan and Whitbred at Drury Lane, 1809-1815 2. Sheridan and Whitbread, 1809-1815

    Quentin Skinner

  2. Strindberg in England: A Checklist of Productions up to 1947

    Margery M. Morgan

  3. Scotland's First Dramatic Periodical: The Edinburgh Theatrical Censor

    Carl J. Stratman, CSV

  4. Notes on a Copy of William Capon's Plan of Goodman's Fields Theatre, 1786-1802, and on a copy of one of the ceiling paintings, in the Folger Shakespeare Library

    Laetitia Kennedy-Skipton

  5. The Monmouth and Portsmouth Troupes

    Kenneth M. Cameron


The Works of John Dryden, Vol. 8: Plays

John Harrington Smith & Dougald MacMillan, eds

Adaptable Theatres

Stephen Joseph, ed.

The Seven Ages of the Theatre

Richard Southern

The Royal West London Theatre

Malcolm Morley

Sheridan and Whitbred at Drury Lane, 1809-1815, Pt II –§– Strindberg in England, (-1947) –§– Scotland’s First Dramatic Periodical: The Edinburgh Theatrical Censor –§– William Capon’s Plan of Goodman’s Fields Theatre, 1786-1802 –§– The Monmouth and Portsmouth Troupes.


International Institute for Theatre Research, Venice
Tracing theses
The STR Bulletin, no. 59


Charles Rogier, A Word for my King and Country

Shakespeare Memorial Library, Stratford-upon-Avon

The Clarion, 1900, critical symposium on the theatre

Stephen Price (1782-1840), information wanted

Three Centuries of Drama, index published

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