Vol. 17, No. 2

pp33-68, Winter 1962/63


  1. Sheridan and Whitbread at Drury Lane, 1809-1815 I. Whitbread's Management, 1809-1815

    Quentin Skinner

  2. The Alchemist on the Stage

    Arthur Colby Sprague

  3. Dr William van Lennep

    Arthur Colby Sprague

  4. British Playbills Before 1718

    Ifan Kyrle Flecther

  5. The Glastonbury Festivals, 1914-1926

    Michael Hurd


Costume in Greek Classic Drama

Iris Brooke

Creating a Role

Konstantin Stanislavsky

Shakespeare at the Globe, 1599-1609

Bernard Beckerman

Sheridan and Whitbread at Drury Lane, 1809-1815: I. Whitbread’s Management, 1809-1815 –§– The Alchemiston the Stage –§– Dr William van Lennep –§– British Playbills Before 1718 –§– The Glastonbury Festivals, 1914-1926.


British Theatre Museum & The Council for Theatre Preservation
STR Bulletin, no.58


John Gay, information wanted for forthcoming publication
“Plays on the English Stage, 1669-1672”, notes on Lennep’s article (TN, vol.16, issue 1)

Haymarket Correction (ref. TN, vol.16 p.32)

Alfred Bunn (TN, vol.11, p.96) Can a bankrupt hold a lease?

Guitry Family (biographer seeks information)

Pantomimes Muddled. Royal Marylebone Jubillee Souvenir, 1892

Hroswitha plays: Roswitha Society, London, 1926, performance reference

Early days of Laura Keene

Laura Keen’s date of birth

Painting of closet scene from Hamlet

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