Vol. 11, No. 1

pp1-36, Autumn 1956


  1. William Archer: Dramatic Critic, 1856-1924

    Marjorie Thompson

  2. Madame Vestris: A Centenary Appreciation

    William A. Armstrong

  3. A Project for an Iron Theatre

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  4. Prompt-Books in the Bute Collection of English Plays

    Marion Linton

  5. Shakespeare in Scotland before 1760

    Jack McKenzie

  6. W. J. Lawrence: A Handlist, IX

    Bertram Shuttleworth


A Checklist of Verse by David Garrick

Compiled by Mary Knapp

New Readings in Shakespeare (2 vols)

C. J. Sisson

Shakespeare Survey 9

Allardyce Nicoll

James Bridie and his Theatre

Winnifred Bannister

Verse Drama since 1800

J. C. Trewin

William Archer: Dramatic Critic, 1856-1924 –§– Madame Vestris: A Centenary Appreciation –§– A Project for an Iron Theatre –§– Prompt-Books in the Bute Collection of English Plays –§– Shakespeare in Scotland before 1760 –§– W. J. Lawrence: A Handlist, IX.


Editorial: Theatrical Celebrations in 1956
The Future of Theatre Notebook
The STR Bulletin, no.33
The International Federation for Theatre Rsearch: The Paris Meetings



William Capon: scenery design for Fantoccini

Rassler of Alsace, by L. A. Triebel (distribution notes)

Swan Drawing (TN, vol.10, no.3)

W. J. Lawrence: (TN, vol.4, p.115) – date of “The Irish Exile’s Ochone” (Xmas 1923)

Birmingham Theatre Royal (TN, vol.10, p.66) – has not closed down!

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