Vol. 10, No. 4

pp101-136, Summer 1956


  1. Photographing Old Theatres

    Victor Glasstone

  2. Charles Reade and Dickens - A Fight Against Piracy

    K. J.Fielding

  3. Notes on the Reconstruction of the Lincoln's Inn Fields Theatre

    Edward A. Langhans

  4. W. J. Lawrence: A Handlist, VIII

    Bertram Shuttleworth

  5. Scene Designs of William Capon

    Sybil Rosenfeld

  6. An English Scene Painter in America

    George Speaight

  7. Society for Theatre Research Resumé of Presidential Address, 1956

    Edward J. Dent


Harley Granville Barker

C. B. Purdom

Rasser of Alsace

L. A. Triebel

Dramatic Theory: a bibliography

Compiled by Richard B. Vowles

Mediaeval Drama in Chester

F. M. Salter

Everyman and Medieval Miracle Plays

A. C. Cawley, ed.

Théatre à Saint-Domingue

Artistes et Repertoire des Scènes de Saint-Domingue

Plaisirs de Saint-Domingue

Jean Fouchard

Theatrical Companion to Maugham

Raymond Mander and Joe Mitchenson

Central and Flexible Staging

Walden P. Boyle

Photographing Old Theatres –§– Charles Reade & Dickens – A Fight Against Piracy –§– Notes on the Reconstruction of the Lincoln’s Inn Fields Theatre –§– W. J. Lawrence: A Handlist, VIII –§– Scene Designs of William Capon –§– An English Scene Painter in America –§– The Society for Theatre Research Resumé of Presidential Address, 1956.


Editorial: George Bernard Shaw Centenary
STR Bulletin, no.32



An Unrecorded Drama by John Howard Payne: The Man of the Black Forest(c.1820)

Eileen O’Malley, actress, touring in 1898-99 (information wanted)

Craig Collection: exhibition at the British Institute of Florence

Augusta Maywood (1825-?), information wanted

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