Vol. 1, No. 4

pp37-52, Summer 1946


  1. Note: this issue is bound together with the rest of Volume 1 and Volume 2

    STR Publications

  2. William Blake and the Juvenile Drama

    M. W. Stone

  3. Early XIXth Century Plays

    Allan Wade

  4. Acting and Rhetoric

    B. L. Joseph

  5. Fishamble St. Theatre, Dublin (illus. & caption only)

  6. Harlequinades

    Ifan Kyrle Fletcher

  7. On Listing Theatres (cont.)


There were no book reviews in this issue

William Blake and the Juvenile Drama –§– Early XIXth Century Plays –§– Acting and Rhetoric –§– Fishamble St. Theatre, Dublin –§– Harlequinades –§– On Listing Theatres.


Editorial: The Importance of a Theatre Collection (four pages)


ANSWERS to QUERIES (see previous issues for details)

“Leopold Lewis”

Mrs Campion in York

Powell’s Puppet Theatre

Olympic Circus

G. G. Bottarelli




Her Majesty’s Theatre: does the Great Exhibition model still exist?

The Hanlon-Lees: Dates of death wanted

Will Watch: In what play did this character appear?

Scarborough Theatre: theatre sign noticed during 1905 visit. More info. wanted.

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