Vol. 1, No. 3

pp21-36, Spring 1946


  1. Note: this issue is bound together with the rest of Volume 1 and Volume 2

    STR Publications

  2. A Note on Some Letters of the Elder Mathews

    Phyllis Hartnoll

  3. A Midsummer Night's Dream Music in 1763

    Alfred Loewenberg

  4. Early XIXth Century Plays

    Allan Wade

  5. Unrecorded Plays Published by William West

    M. W. Stone

  6. On Listing Theatres (cont.)


There were no book reviews in this issue

A Note on Some Letters of the Elder Mathews –§– A Midsummer Night’s Dream Music in 1763 –§– Early XIXth Century Plays –§– Unrecorded Plays Published by William West –§– On Listing Theatres.


Editorial: expansion of TN to sixteen pages, owing to increased no. of subscribers; Theatrical collections; articles wanted on the earlier periods of British theatrical history; Mr Allan Wade’s discoveries about the authorship of 19thC plays
A Rare Print (illus.)


ANSWERS to QUERIES (see earlier issues for details)

Portsmouth Theatre

Theatrical Speaker

Sites in Lincoln’s Inn Fields

C. G. Bottarelli



Powel’s Puppet Theatre: view of Covent Garden wanted, c. 1709

Juliet Business: Adelaide Neilson, action borrowed from what modern French play?

Mrs Campion in York: first appearance as Juliet was when?

Mrs Bottarelli: singer at Ranelagh (1780-83) wife of librettist?

“Leopold Lewis”: pseudonym for the Hon. Lewis Wingfield?

London Theatres, etc.: various queries about London theatres

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