Vol. 1, No. 2

pp9-20, Winter 1946


  1. Note: this issue is bound together with the rest of Volume 1 and Volume 2

    STR Publications

  2. John Ward, Stroller

    Cecil Price

  3. The Dramatic Library of the Old Theatre Royal, Birmingham

    Percival Hinton

  4. Player in Action (illus.)

    Ifan Kyrle Fletcher

  5. The Technique of Acting

    Richard England

  6. The Theatre Royal, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (illus.)

    Richard Southern

  7. Illustrations of Theatres

    The Rev. J. W. H. Faulkner

  8. On Listing Theatres (cont.)

    Richard Southern

  9. The Oxford Drama Commission

    by the editors


There were no book reviews in this issue

John Ward, Stroller –§– The Dramatic Library of the Old Theatre Royal, Birmingham –§– Player in Action –§–The Technique of Acting –§– The Theatre Royal, Newcastle-upon-Tyne –§– Illustrations of Theatres –§– On Listing Theatres –§– The Oxford Drama Commission.


Illustrations of theatres

Silver model theatre

Lost London Theatres

Mlle Sallé



Sites in Lincoln’s Inn Fields: various queries

Portsmouth Theatre: info wanted

G. G. Bottarelli: Address in Wardour St. wanted

The Theatrical Speaker: info wanted about first ed.

Mrs Siddons: re. the Sleepwalking Scene

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