The Censorship of British Drama 1900-1968, Volume 1

by Steve Nicholson

Steve Nicholson’s important and warmly reviewed four-part analysis of British theatre censorship from 1900 to 1968 is based on previously unpublished material in the Lord Chamberlain’s Correspondence Archives in the British Library and the Royal Archives at Windsor Castle.

Volume One covers the period before 1932, when theatre was seen as a crucial medium with the power to shape people’s beliefs and behaviour. It explores the portrayal of a broad range of topics including the First World War, race and inter-racial relationships, contemporary and historical international conflicts, horror, sexual freedom and morality, class, the monarchy, and religion.

The new four-volume paperback edition, with contextualising timeline and biographies, is published in association with the University of Exeter Press, and is the Society’s annual publication for the membership year 2019/20. STR Members will receive a complete set of four volumes as part of their subscription package.

Paperback, 394 pp.  ISBN 9781905816408.

Volume One of Steve Nicholson’s important four-part analysis of British theatre censorship covers the years 1900-1932, and includes contextualising timeline and biographies.

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