19 November 2013 / Events

Mad Jigs and Merry Jests: Recuperating the Musical Theatre of Shakespeare’s Age

Presented by Dr Roger Clegg, Lucie Skeaping & the City Waites

In their forthcoming performance edition of the nine surviving ‘dramatic jigs’ – short, sung comedies that featured regularly as afterpieces on Shakespeare’s stage – the authors Roger Clegg and Lucie Skeaping explore what the scripts tell us about the performance of musical theatre in Tudor and Stuart England. Accompanied by musicians from the early-music band The City Waites, this talk-with-music will explicate Clegg and Skeaping’s project to re-unite the texts with tunes, present the extant scripts in a theatrical context, and to understand, in performance, how and what these little-known bawdy comedies tell us about playgoing in the age of Shakespeare.

Dr Clegg is Senior Lecturer in Drama at De Montfort University. Lucie Skeaping is a singer, instrumentalist and broadcaster, and founder of the early music group the City Waites.


19 November 2013




Swedenborg Hall, 20 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2TH