22 September 2014 / Performance

Performance: The Vikings at Helgeland

28th October – 22nd November, Drayton Arms Theatre, London
At the close of the first millennium, on the fringes of the Arctic Circle, an old lie has slept for years. When visitors from the past enter the twilight, winter world of Helgeland, the lie wakes with the fury of a great white bear – and havoc follows after.

The Vikings at Helgeland is one of the final plays in Ibsen’s early series of historical dramas. First staged in English in 1903 by Edward Gordon Craig, with Ellen Terry in the lead role of Hjordis, it has not been seen on the London stage for over 80 years.

Woven from Icelandic family sagas, and set in 10th century Norway, it fuses Shakespearean tragedy with domestic drama, wound around the confined, furious passions of Hjordis – Ibsen’s earlier, wilder Hedda Gabler.

For more information, see The Drayton Arms website.