27 September 2023 / Theatre Notebook

New Editors, New Advisory Board Members, New Essay Readers, New Reviewers

Theatre Notebook, the refereed journal of the Society for Theatre Research, is looking for highly qualified new members to join the team responsible for producing the Society’s distinguished journal. They will join Professor Trevor R Griffiths (Co-ordinating Editor), Professor Claire Cochrane (Reviews Editor), Professor Gabriel Egan and Professor Anselm Heinrich in taking the journal through the next phase of the STR’s development.

The journal’s remit is the history and practice of the (broadly defined) British theatre. We would be particularly interested to hear from scholars whose expertise and experience complements and extends that of the current team. This is our current editorial policy:

We are a journal of the history and technique of the British theatre,  but we interpret theatre widely to cover, for example, activities that go in theatre buildings, theatrical activities outside theatres, professional and amateur theatre, the business of theatre, stage design, the history of theatre buildings, acting technique, theatre outside the British Isles that relates directly to the history and technique of British theatre. This list is by no means exhaustive, as a glance at our indexes will demonstrate, but we do not consider essays that focus purely on dramatic literature. We welcome offers of contributions that record, analyse, reinterpret and celebrate the achievements of British theatre practitioners from any period, including the very recent past. We recognise the crucial importance of a scholarly approach to facts and interpretation, but we have no theoretical preferences, recognising the importance of representing a wide spectrum of contemporary positions.

On the business side, we accept offers of contributions as Word attachments addressed to the Coordinating Editor. Each is read anonymously by at least two Readers; we aim to make a decision on publication within a month of receipt and to publish accepted essays within  a year, subject to the timing of our issues and the volume of essays accepted for publication.

We welcome suitably qualified candidates who can make a substantial contribution to our work and help to develop the journal. We welcome applications from scholars working in fields that are currently under-represented in publications on British theatre history. Recent experience has shown that suitable applicants can make a considerable contribution from areas that might previously been considered too remote from the UK.

We also plan to extend our Board of Advisors to provide an active and informed panel of distinguished scholars who can be consulted on issues of how to respond to challenges and suggest innovations in our practice to improve our performance.

We need a wide range of Readers to advise us on the suitability, quality and linguistic proficiency of material submitted to the journal. We are happy to help new scholars embarking on this aspect of our work by offering appropriate on-the-job training. If you have expertise we could use, please contact us.

We also need a wide range of Reviewers to assess books submitted to us for review.

Contact Professor Trevor Griffiths on for further information.