31 January 2019 / News

Membership Matters

A note about the redistribution of Treasurer and Membership responsibilities:

The development of our new website has meant that some of the responsibilities formerly held by the Treasurer and Membership secretaries have been reorganised to utilise more efficiently our new resources.

Geoff Davidson, the Society’s Treasurer, has taken over from Kirsty Sedgman and is now responsible for a number of Membership matters – namely the receipt and recording of subscriptions; and the creation and maintenance of membership lists for administrative purposes and to enable the distribution of books, publications and information materials to members.

He can be contacted by email at, by telephone 01371 850325 and by post, addressed to him at Bakers Barn, 8 Hall Farm Green, Great Sailing, CM7 5GY.

Other Membership matters are being dealt with by Kate Quartano Brown, specifically members’ logins, notices, and queries about the member profiles.
Email her on