12 May 2019 / News

Join the STR Committee as Lecture Chair

This is a unique opportunity to lead the curation of a fully-funded public programme. Hone your project management and networking skills to bring academics and practitioners to a wide audience, support and promote theatre scholarship, and contribute to the continuing development of the Society as it enters its eighth decade!

The Society for Theatre Research is seeking to fill the vacancy for the Chair of the Annual Lecture Series. We organise an extensive range of activities (lectures, books, journal, book prize, research awards) exploring British theatre from the earliest times to the present day. All of these activities are serviced by volunteer members who include scholars, researchers, performers, practitioners and, not least, ordinary theatregoers.

The role includes the following responsibilities:

  • To ensure that a programme is organised featuring monthly lectures from October to April, plus the Annual Address at the AGM in May.
  • To book venues for suitable dates.
  • To liaise with other members of the Lecture Programme sub-committee re: suitable speakers.
  • To invite and liaise with speakers over arrangements.
  • To prepare and organise the printing of a leaflet about the programme.
  • To ensure that the events section of the STR webpage is up-to-date.
  • To publicise lectures in coordination with the Communications Officer.
  • To manage livestreaming of the lectures from the STR YouTube channel.
  • On the lecture day, to set up and clear away at the venue. (To arrange alternative cover if unable to attend.)
  • To organise refreshments for lectures.
  • To arrange for people to introduce speakers (or to do oneself).
  • To attend committee meetings and write short reports.


Most of the Society’s lectures take place in central London, so anyone taking on the role will need to be within travelling distance.

Expressions of interest should be directed to Simon Sladen (Chair of the Society) and Harriet Reed (current Chair of the Annual Lecture Series) by email:; Please include your contact details, a brief CV (main qualifications and employment) and a statement of relevant skills.