2012 Theatre Book Prize

Mr Foote’s Other Leg

Ian Kelly (Picador)

The London Palladium was the venue on 2 May 2013 for this year’s presentation of the year’s crop of theatre books and the awarding of the prize for the best book on British Theatre published in 2012.

Gathered in the Val Parnell Room theatre folk, publishers, academics and members of the Society were an enthusiastic audience for the judges’ presentation as well as enjoying the social mixing of such a diverse grouping ­ though all united in their enthusiasm for theatre.

The short list of titles, already announced some weeks earlier was a follows:

Mr Foote’s Other Leg
by Ian Kelly (Picador)

In Two Minds: A Biography of Jonathan Miller
by Kate Bassett (Oberon Books)

My Old Man: A Personal History of Music Hall
by John Major (Harper Press)

The Oxford Handbook of Tudor Drama
edited by Thomas Betteridge & Greg Walker (Oxford University Press)

Lena Ashwell: Actress, patriot, pioneer
by Margaret Leask (Hertford University Press/ STR)



The winner was:

Mr Foote’s Other Leg
by Ian Kelly (Picador)



The Judges were:

Professor Gavin Henderson

Penelope Keith

Henry Hitchings