2 May 2012 / Grants and Awards

Conference Grants

The Standing Conference of University Drama Departments offer £2000 worth of awards in each academic year to postgraduate students in SCUDD departments/units to facilitate giving papers or equivalent presentations at conferences or symposia. The scholarship was instigated as part of the celebrations of SCUDD’s 30th anniversary, and appropriately named after the late Professor Glynne Wickham, one of the founders of the academic discipline of Theatre Studies.

Eligibility: UK/EU and International full or part-time postgraduate students registered to study in paid-up SCUDD member departments are eligible to apply for the awards. Only students giving papers (or equivalents) at conferences are eligible to apply for the awards (evidence must be provided, and a contact address of conference/panel organiser given). Students in departments/units that have not paid their fees to the organisation by the due date within the academic year will not be eligible to apply for the awards. There will be no limit to the number of students who can apply for funding from any one SCUDD unit in any one academic year. Awards will normally not be awarded to students who have received an award in the previous academic year. Contracted members of staff also registered as postgraduate students will not be eligible for the awards.

Funding is available up to the amount of £200 (£300 for international events) per application. Funding will only be available to cover travel at 2nd class rail fare, air fare, coach fare, for accommodation and for registration and will only be made available upon presentation of appropriate receipts. Successful applicants must also gain a letter from the conference organiser (or request that they email to confirm that you gave your paper/presentation. Funds will only be made available in GBP. Funds will be released upon receipt of confirmation from the conference organiser and appropriate receipts. Funds will only be paid in GBP sterling and by cheque.

Application is an online process. Please follow the instructions here. You will be asked to upload a copy of your conference paper proposal, fill in a form and submit. Your named supervisor or head of department will then be contacted to complete an online reference in support of your application. You must therefore ensure that you give your supervisor enough time to complete this before the appropriate deadline (see below): Awards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Deadline: Applications (including the supervisor’s reference) must be submitted no later than three weeks before the start date of the conference/symposium. All applicants will receive a response before the conference begins. Funds will be sent after the event, on the production of appropriate receipts.
Processing of applications: Staff and student members of the SCUDD postgraduate sub-committee will consider each application. Recommendations will be made and acted upon by the treasurer.

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