10 December 2021 / Associated Organisations

Bristol Calling: Records at Risk

image: Lucy Powell, Keeper, Theatre Archives


Do you know of any theatre or live art records and archives at risk of being lost?

The University of Bristol Theatre Collection, an accredited museum and archive service dedicated to documenting and preserving the history of British theatre, is undertaking a project funded by a National Archives grant to find and support significant theatre and live art records placed at risk due to COVID-19.

Support for Theatre and Live Art Records at Risk

With the theatre sector being so adversely affected by the pandemic, we are concerned that archive collections could be lost. Records and especially digital records can be vulnerable to deterioration over time without ongoing care. In a bid to preserve the cultural history of the theatre industry, we are appealing to individuals or companies concerned about their records to seek advice on how to ensure they are preserved for the future.  We are particularly keen to ensure that archives from traditionally underrepresented areas are safeguarded for the future.

We want to offer our support to any individuals or companies that need help caring for their records, and where appropriate, guidance in finding the best home for them, whether that is the Theatre Collection or elsewhere in the country.

In accordance with data protection legislation, we would not ask you to supply contact details of individuals, but if you are aware of anyone who may be concerned about their records please share our news article about the project:

or contact Siân Williams, Project Archivist: