Website style guide for article submissions

This is a basic style guide for those writing for pages or blogposts.

*Spelling and punctuation should be British.

*Quotation marks should be single (‘To be, or not to be’). Where there is quotation within a quotation, the exterior quotation marks should be single and the interior ones double. Thus:
Watkins asked whether ‘Johnson had really meant to “finish him off” or not’.

*The British standard of placing closing punctuation marks outside of closing quotation marks should be followed. Thus:
. . . said he ‘Would not leave’. Yet he did agree to depart ‘in a few days’, and never returned.

except when the material quoted forms a complete sentence and it is separated from the preceding passage by a punctuation mark.

*On the first mention of a work’s title, the full name of the author must be given, no matter how well known s/he is.

*Titles of books, plays, newspapers, works of art, ships, etc., should be italicised . Thus: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

*Titles of articles, essays and poems not separately published should be in single quotation marks and not italicised.  Thus:
Trevor R Griffiths, ‘Tradition and Innovation in Harley Granville Barker’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, Theatre Notebook, 30 (2), 1976.

*Website names can be simply hyperlinked in the following format:
… ‘more details can be found on the Irving Society website,’, hyperlinked to

*All abbreviations used should be spelt out in full the first time they are used. Thus:
. . . was employed at the British Broadcasting  Corporation (BBC). After being fired from the BBC for insubordination, Wilson got a job . . .

*Amounts in pounds, shillings and pence are expressed thus:

. . . at a cost of £5 6s 2d.

*Numbers up to 20 should be spelt out, numbers higher than 20 should be expressed as figures.

*When quoting from manuscripts, underlining in the original should be rendered as italics in the quotation.

*ISBNs should be given as 13 digits without punctuation, as in 1234567890123.

*The following abbreviations should be used:

hardback  = hb.
paperback = pb.
illustrations = ill.
editor = (ed.)
editors = (eds.)