15 May 2021 / Grants and Awards

A Virtual Walk round Brixton’s Music Halls – tomorrow!

Chris Beddoe and Tracey Gregory received a Research Grant last year for their work on the music hall life of Brixton and have been able in spite of the restrictions to do a great deal  – tomorrow they, together with Sue McKenzie, present a talk in celebration of Music Hall and Variety Day 2021, focussing particularly on the role of Brixton in the history of entertainment in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Book here to take a virtual walk round Brixton at 11am on Sunday 16th May 2021

More about this project:
Chris and Tracey, together with Sue, Alison Young and other researchers into music-hall history, took part in a series of online talks examining Brixton’s long-standing connections with the entertainment industry and looking at how and why Brixton was home to so many people from music hall, early cinema and variety in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Read more and look at the videos on Brixton Buzz

They are also, with the aid of the STR grant, contributing to the amazing Layers of London website – try it and discover things you never knew about London… to go straight to the Music Hall section, click here