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Details of other past lectures can be found in the lecture archive, as part of the news archive.

May 2014
Indoors and No Heavy Lifting: 50 Years of Theatre Research
(Professor Richard Foulkes)

October 2011
Where do we go from Here?
(Mike Bradwell)

April 2011
Donald Wolfit: A Reassessment (Audio)
(Sir Ronald Harwood & Howard Loxton)

March 2011
There is Nothing Like a Dame
(Prof. Kate Newey)

February 2011
Meggie Albanesi: A Life in the Theatre
(Dr Frances Gray)

April 2010
Stephen Joseph versus The Etablishment
(Aleks Sierz)

February 2010
Blasted and After: New Writing in British Theatre Today
(Aleks Sierz)

January 2010
"Pyramus, You Begin': Directing Shakespeare
(Greg Doran)

May 2009 - The Annual Address
'Look Back in Languor'
(Ian Herbert)

April 2009
'Better Red Than...': Forty Years of Red Ladder Theatre, 1968-2008
(Dr Bill McDonnell)

March 2009
Charlie Chaplin: Man of Theatre
(David Robinson)

February 2009
John Ruskin and the British Pantomime
(Professor Jeffery Richards)

December 2008
Fear and Laughter: A Night at London's Grand Guignol (interim report)
(Richard Hand & Michael Wilson)

November 2008
Wolf Mankowitz (1924-1998): Playwright and Producer in Post-War London (full report)
(Anthony Dunn)

October 2008
Sybil Thorndike: A Star of Life (full report)
(Jonathan Croall, author of Sybil Thorndike: A Star of Life)

May 2008
The Annual Address: "Good Service on All Other Lines"
(Timothy West, STR President)

The Wickham Lecture 2008 - Full report now available.
What is Political Theatre Today?
(Professor Janelle Reinelt)

April 2008
Mr Albert Smith's Ascent of Mont Blanc
(Marcus Risdell)

March 2008
Sixty Years of Collectors and Collecting
(Claire Hudson)

February 2008
How the Walls Were Breached
(Professor Michael Anderson)

January 2008
'Dislike me not for my complexion....'
(Oku Ekpenyon, Shango Baku, and Leon Preston Robinson)

December 2007
Such Usage, or Dibdin versus Garrick
(Jeremy Barlow, with David Timson)

(Full reports are not yet available for lectures before December 2007)

November 2007
State of the Nation
(Michael Billington, in conversation with Ian Herbert)

October 2007
Thirty Years of Tara Arts
(Jatinder Verma in conversation with Dr Valerie Lucas)

May 2007
'Auntie, Can You Do That?' or 'Ibsen in Brixton':  Representing the Victorian Theatre through Caricature and Cartoon (Professor James Davis)

April 2007
The Eccentric Theatrical Career of the 6th Marquis of Anglesey:  Narcissism, Performance and Postcards (Viv Gardner)

March 2007
The Life and Loves of Letty Lind (1861-1923), Skirt Dancer, Soubrette and Gaiety Girl
(Graeme Cruickshank)

February 2007
'Gracefully Tripping Over a Rustic Bridge': The Ballet at Cremorne
(Jane Pritchard)

January 2007
Every Night Something Awful: Theatre in Britain during the Second World War
(Dr Anselm Heinrich)

December 2006
Christmas Pantomine:  Harlequin and Mother Goose
(A tribute to George Speight)

November 2006
The Rose Reveal'd
(Jon Greenfield)

October 2006
George Edwardes and the Transformations of London Theatre, Business, and Society: 1878-1914
(Professor Thomas Postlewait)

May 2006
'Deceptive Masks and Honest Faces': The Representation of the Actress in mid-19th Century Drama
(Jan McDonald)

April 2006
Skeletons Under the Settee and Sensible Shoes: Alan Bennett and the Monologue
(Kara McKechnie)

March 2006
The AHRC British Library Theatre Archive Project (2003-8): At the Halfway Point
(Dominic Shellard and Ewan Jeffrey)

February 2006
An Eighteenth Century Entrepreneur: Sarah Baker and Her Kentish Theatres
(Jean Napier Baker)

January 2006
The Chinese Scene in Purcell's Opera The Fairy Queen
(Julia & Frans Muller)

December 2005
A Christmas Cavalcade of Victorian and Edwardian Theatre Technology
(Members of the Association of British Theatre Technicians Historical Research Committee)

November 2005
Seventy-Five Years of Equity
(Ian McGarry)

October 2005
Henry Irving's Acting: Hell's Bells and a Cluster of Clerics
(Michael Booth)