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About the Theatre Book Prize

This prize was established to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Society for Theatre Research which was founded in 1948. It was first awarded for books published in 1997. Its aim is to encourage the writing and publication of books on theatre history and practice, both those which present the theatre of the past and those which record contemporary theatre for the future. It is presented annually for a book on British or British related theatre which an independent panel of judges considers to be the best published during the year.

All new works of original research first published in English are eligible except for play texts and studies of drama as literature. There are three judges, who are different each year. They are drawn from the ranks of people working in theatre ş performers, directors and others, theatre critics, senior academics concerned with theatre and theatre archivists, with a chairperson who is a member of the committee of the Society for Theatre Research.

Publishers wishing to enter books and media enquires should contact:
Howard Loxton,, tel: 020 7267 4513.

STR Theatre Book Prizeáfor books published in 2013

The presentation ceremony was held at the London Palladium on Friday 9th May, 2014 where Maureen Lipman CBE announced the winner as:

The National Theatre Story
by Daniel Rosenthal (Oberon)

A full report, sound recording and photographs are available here.

Previous winners

2012Mr Foote's Other Legáby Ian Kelly (Picador)
2011Covering McKellenáby David Weston (Rickshaw Publishing)
2010The Reluctant Escapologistáby Mike Bradwell (Nick Hern Books)
2009Different Drummer: the Life of Kenneth Macmillanáby Jann Parry (Faber & Faber)
2008Theatreáand Globalisation: Irish Drama in the Celtic Tiger Eraáby Patrick Lonergan (Palgrave Macmillan)
2007State of the Nationáby Michael Billington (Faber & Faber)
2006John Osborne: A Patriot for Usáby John Heilpern (Chatto & Windus)
20051599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeareáby James Shapiroá (Faber & Faber)
2004Margot Fonteynáby Meredith Daneman (Penguin/Viking)
2003National Serviceáby Richard Eyre (Bloomsbury)
2002A History of Irish Theatreá1601-2000áby Christopher Morash (Cambridge University Press)
2001Reflecting the Audience: London Theatregoing, 1840-1880ábyáJim Davis & Victor Emeljanow (Iowa University Press/University of Hertfordshire Press)
2000Politics, Prudery and Perversion.... Censorship 1906-68áby Nicholas de Jongh (Methuen)
1999Garrickáby Ian McIntyre (Allen Lane)
1998Threads of Timeáby Peter Brook (Methuen)
1997The Life of Margaret Ramsay,áPlay Agentáby Colin Chambersá (Nick Hern)

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